A smart website to make a choice by comparing models of Smart Mobiles, Phablets, Tablets, Laptops and Digital Cameras.

You can view the entire website as same as someone who is signedup/loggedin, the only difference is to give your review/suggestion on any gadget(s) or to rate any gadget(s) or to vote any gadget(s) or to publish a post then you are required to SignUp/Login

Its very simple, you can make use of your existing google account or facebook account for registering or by filled the SignUp form by clicking SignUp button on top of the page.

We will save only the required information like your complete name, gender, country, profile image and email Id if made available to public for Oauth registrations

It will save in your profile list, and can be seen in your profile for further follow-up

It will let the fellow users by looking at the number of recommenditions, the compared gadgets are compitatively on neck-to-neck to make a choice in between them.

User can share his best pick out of compared gadgets, will give an idea for those who are considering to buy a product out of those compared.

User can share their rating out of 5 starting from 0.5 to 5, which helps the fellow users to consider purchasing that gadget and by looking at the rating you can choose or not to choose for purchasing.

  • Help to get the best.
  • Choose three to find the right choice.
  • Interacting with users makes best out of it.
  • One vote of yours help others to know the best pick.